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Big and major engineering and heavy industries like cement, fertilizers and power companies approach Plant Model Makers to produce miniature form of the original mammoth and critical machinery for various purposes. Some companies display these models in their corporate offices to educate the visitors about the salient and crucial features of the machinery. Some companies approach Power Plant Model Makers to produce precise and miniature models of their machinery to showcase these pieces in several industrial exhibitions.

Power Plant Model Makers

Plant Model Making is a high order precision engineering companies capable of scaling down the dimensions of the original machinery without compromising the criticality of the features and salient features and elements of the original machinery. They produce Miniature Models of critical plant equipment such as gas turbines, stream boilers, power transmission equipment, cement kilns, and silos. The buyers of the original equipment often show interest in understanding the critical equipment they wish to place order for several reasons. This often helps in designing the plant areas based on the dimensions.

Several high-end engineering colleges approach the Power Plant Model Makers and place orders to procure critical machines in miniature forms to equip their laboratories in order to make students aware of the criticality and functioning of the machinery, since, mere text book drawings never give the exact nuances of the machinery. Students gain real insight while watching and handling miniature models of the machinery. It is also easy for the teaching faculty to explain the critical functional features of this equipment.

Plant Model Makers


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