Model Making

Experiencing The Three Deminsional Model Maker In The Industry

Industrial Model Making is a high order precision engineering work for companies making complex industrial machinery like Gas turbines, Steam boilers, Cement kilns, Power transmission equipment, etc. Model Makers study the original machinery designs and scales down the design parameters to make exact miniature models of the original machinery. These models not only keep the intricacies of the existing original machinery but based on requirements of customers even keep some of the functional features of the original equipments.

Industrial Model Making

Industrial Model Makers uses various materials like Industrial grade Acrylic, PVC, Poly carbonate, etc. suitable to replicate the original design. This job requires high order engineering and technical skills. Hence, Model Makers employ engineering design professionals and architects in order to bring the criticality of the original machinery. Scale Model Making offers services to several big and prominent machinery manufacturers, process industry companies and builders in providing the prototype models of the original machinery.

Several companies use these prototype models to decorate their corporate offices and board rooms to educate the customers, visitors and board members. Several educational institutions like IITs and other reputed engineering colleges also take the professional services from Industrial Model Making to have prototype miniature models of various critical machines and machine components as educative material to impart three dimensional experiences to students.

Several industries in the process of promoting their products and services participate in trade shows and industrial exhibitions and showcase the models of the machinery made by these Model Makers. This act enhances the chances of promoting the product substantially.



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