Showcasing Micro Models For Trade And Promotion

Micro Models are the miniature representation of complex industrial and plant machinery which requires high order engineering and precision skills. Several industrial houses make these prototype models of their critical machinery for various reasons. Some display these prototypes in their corporate offices in order to provide a fair and impartial view of their quality equipment to the visitors, clients and dignitaries. Some machinery manufacturers require the Micro Models for their critical machinery in order to provide a clue to the potential customer before getting into detailed discussion.

Micro Models

Several clients demand a three dimensional and physical appearance of the original equipment in miniature form before approving design. Some of the high quality machinery manufactures, who are engaged in making equipments like turbines, transmission equipment, boilers, cement kilns, raw mills and grinding mills, are increasingly using miniature models.

Micro Models are also very useful in trade shows and industrial exhibitions. These days, trade shows have become a common feature for several manufacturers for brand building

and promotional activities. These companies make prototype models of the crucial machinery and showcase them during trade shows. This act gives exact picture about the qualitative and quantitative features of the original machinery to the potential clients and visitors of these shows. Thus, miniature models of complex machinery are also very useful in professional college laboratories in order to make the students aware of critical aspects of the machinery and its functionality.



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