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Precise Quality Control Program

Miniaturization of engineering objects need every inch of details as their acceptability is often quite a bit subjective also. Quality elements that go into miniaturized model includes finish, attention to details, reliability, environment effect, strength, life, paint, joints, machining, labeling and packaging.


Precise Quality Program

The process of miniaturization of engineering objects, typically, follows the process similar to that involved in manufacturing custom built engineering products.

Starting with engineering specifications, it follows thru design phase that specifies material, process, tools, machines, drawings, components
and assembly and each stage thru careful quality check. Thus far, miniaturization has been assumed as an art than a science;
undermining professional requirement of delivering a quality solution. Steep time constraint demands specialists to work with scantiest details.

Of course, that is the situation, where skill and experience of engineering designer comes into play. Although, there are instances
when exact replicas have been done with mere a couple of photographs supplied by clients, client’s awareness of the process of miniaturization,
as an engineering practice, helps in delivering high quality models.

Design Stage

Checking factors Personnel - Responsible
Requirement study Head - production & Engg
Scale Head - production & Engg
Overall size Head - production & Engg
Size of matching subassemblies Head - production & Engg


Process Parameters Personnel -
Turning and Milling components Size, shape, finishing Team leader
Laser cutting components Size, shape Team leader
RP parts (3D printing) SLA , SLS , FDM based on strength and finishing Size, Shape, strength, finish Head- Engg
Sub assembly Size , shape, scale Gluing, strength, joints, surface finish Team leader
Assembly Size , shape, scale Gluing, strength, joints, surface finish Team leader
Finishing & Painting Joints, surface finish Head - production
Overall model Scale, size, shape, Aesthetics, finishing, Engg detailing Head - production
Packaging Mode of transport, packing box, packing material Team leader


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