1. What is the value proposition of engineering models?
Ans: Engineering models (or scale models) are primarily used for showcasing industrial plants in board rooms, displaying products in exhibitions, giving demonstration to potential customers and imparting training to newly joined employees.

2. How much making a scale down model will cost to me?
Ans:  It depends on the complexity, size and the amount of details required in model. Micro models can cost from few thousand US dollars to over hundred thousand US dollars.

3. How much time the Precise will take to deliver the final Product?
Ans:  Precise shows commitments in meeting the deadlines set by clients. It takes in the range of 15 to 60 days to deliver the model to client site from the date of getting order. Again, the delivery schedule largely depends upon the complexity of model.

4. How the prepared model would be transferred to client site?
Ans:  Precise owns the responsibility of transporting model to client site in India. In case of any foreign location Precise would take care of transportation logistics but client has to bear the cost of transportation.

5. What kind of material is used by Precise for making models?
Ans:  Precise largely uses Industrial Grade – Acrylic due to its obvious advantages. In addition, PVC, Brass, Polycarbonate, Aluminum and Rubber are also used for making models depending upon the requirement.

6. What are the scales to which Precise make models?
Ans: Precise has sufficient expertise to go to any level of scaling both scale up (showing micro details to larger scale) or scale down (miniaturization of bigger products to smaller scale), depending upon the customer requirement.

7. Does quality of Precise Models meet the international standards?
Ans: Precise has made models for many blue chip multinational companies like GE, Siemens, ABB etc and got all round acclaim for the quality of the models supplied to them. In fact, our customers benchmark their model making standards to the models supplied by Precise.


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