Engineering Models at Precise Engineer System

Precise is the leading brand in delivering high quality micro-models of large and complex engineering products and systems. A majority of the micro models are custom built, as a solution to meet specific visualization and presentation needs of industries. These custom built models require a close collaboration with clients.

Precise employs robust development process and a rare skill-set comprising visualization, engineering and miniaturization, to build micro-models that match closest to the design elements and aesthetics of the actual object. Its development process is customer centric that starts with understanding need of the customer and follows a strict engineering discipline that enhances details of critical design elements. The process of creating micro models passes through well defined stages of need analysis, design, detailed engineering, procurement, manufacturing, inspection, special packaging and shipping.

Precise is committed to quality and engineering precision across its delivery chain and is proud of its clientele that is a global honorable list of who’s who in engineering product, system and project industries.