3D Virtual models

Precise also specialized in creating 3D virtual models for better visualization of the projects/products/plants before in hand Clients use our services to create affordable presentations in interactive 3D and photorealistic 2D. These are ideal for planning negotiations or to kick start the consultation process or simply to visualize a concept in 360º.


We offer a variety of different styles of 3D Visualization:

  • 3D virtual models. The information required to create these design visualization can be a simple sketch or can be full architectural drawings. The model can be navigated and viewed in 360° and is used to generate virtual walk-throughs, perspective views, dimensioned plans, elevations and sectional cuts.
  • Photorealistic – These are still images created for promotional and marketing purposes. Originating as a 3D model, they are then finished as hi-resolution renderings with an astonishing level of detailing